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This is a website dedicated to the aviator lifestyle, classic airplanes and men’s talk. My favorite hobby as you would have thought is toying around with (real) airplanes. I am a retired army mechanic and I moved to Budapest some 12 years ago where I have been using my hobby as a way to meet classic airplane enthusiasts.

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Frequently asked questions!

Ok so here are some of the common questions I get asked with what I do, my website, planes and more. Please understand that some of the information is too personal for me to post or too confidential if it’s about my experience in the army.

How is life as an army mechanic?

It’s good especially if you’re British. I hear the Americans don’t get paid as much as we do nor do they have our compensations and retirement funds so I can’t complain. If you are the adventurous type who likes living abroad and seeing the world, then military life is exactly what you will love. Thanks to the military I have been able to see and discover some places in the world that I would never have thought I’d get to see in my lifetime.

Have you ever flown a military plane?

Yes I have!

Is the Air Force like it is pictured in movies like Top Gun?

Not at all. Hollywood tends to romanticize much of the life in the different military fields. Real life is quite hectic and bust, you always have something to do. Bear in mind I was an army mechanic so I didn’t have my hands directly in military planes but autos. I then moved into planes but as part of my hobby and side business.

Is it true that the haircut in the Air Force is the flat top hairstyle or are there any other hairstyles allowed?

Believe it or not, I tend to get this question asked a lot by the younger ones who have in mind a military career. There are some hairstyles that are more common in the different fields. The flat top haircut is common in the Air Force but I see plenty of other hairstyles too. You will see the undercut, the crew cut and even slicked back hair that is relatively of long length and that keeps the hair slicked back with pomade. These hairstyles and haircuts were not so common in the military some thirty years ago but nowadays there is more room allowed for men’s hairstyles in the military. The only real men’s haircut rule in the army is that the hair should at no times touch the collar and the hair should not be longer than the length equating to the eyebrows. So as you can imagine, the hair allowed is kind of long and males in the military can slick back their hair, comb it to the side and even style the hair up a bit.

By the way I am talking of what I have seen in the United Kingdom. I believe that the United States’ military is less lenient when it comes to men’s haircuts. Do also have a look at the classic hairstyles website in the link above as it includes many men’s hairstyles like the slicked back undercut which are hairstyles allowed in the military so long as the hairstyling rules I mentioned are obeyed.

Is long hair allowed in the Air Force?

This is usually the question that follows the previous question on military haircuts. No, long hair is not allowed on any of the military fields. think about it for a second, long hair risks you getting your hair caught on your helmet, gear, pilot suit and even the enemy can grab it and cut your throat. So it makes sense to ban long hair in the military.

The same goes for facial hair by the way. Some facial hair is allowed in the military, but no long beards or long moustaches. It’s always best to consult your superiors when it comes to growing your hair or beard.

Why did you move to Hungary?

My wife is Hungarian and I’ve lived in a few countries as I was posted to different bases. I think Hungary is a beautiful country that still keeps its culture and that hasn’t yet been destroyed by capitalism and chaotic construction, as it has unfortunately happened in the United Kingdom in cities like London, Manchester or Liverpool.

Is fixing classic airplanes a hobby or your job?

It started as a hobby and has slowly turned into a job. I keep it as a side job and do it more for the passion I ahve for classic aviation and planes. It’s the aviator lifestyle that I love, and I simply love flying. I’m retired so I just do this for fun.

What does your wife think about all of this and you flying planes?

At first she didn’t like it but she has slowly accepted it. I still have to convince her to fly with me after many years though!

Why do you have an American “keep them flying” banner at the end of each page?

Because I have many friends in the United States Air Force and they are one professional bunch. I have very close ties with the air force of the UK and Hungary, but I respect and admire many other nations’ air forces, including the United States.

How can I contact you?

Please use the contact form.